What is the best possible way to balance family, health, and work to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle?

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Wellness for women past the age of 40 can be a challenge, if not managed properly. The body has systems in place, and as we grow older, those systems begin to change and adjust to ongoing circumstances in our environment. The need for proper diet and exercise, vitamins and supplementation, spiritual growth and stress-reduction; all these factors play a role in managing how to deal with the onset of being 40 and beyond. Acceptance is key. Balance is crucial. And, knowledge is golden.

Because the body goes through many transformations, arming yourself with information will prevent and help any onset of challenges that may come up. Getting regular medical checkups, whether through a western medicine physician, or holistic alternatives, will give you the quality and information that can keep you feeling as though you aren't being blindsided by any crazy fads, or succumbing to pressures from ill-informed people. Knowledge is definitely powerful, and as soon as you reach 40, your power continues to surge, if you remain open to it.

Osteoporosis, breast cancer awareness, heart disease, ovarian issues, and inflexibility of spinal areas are the most commonly asked questions for any woman over the age of 40. When you balance the physical with the spiritual and emotional, it's empowering to not only the body, but the brain as well. Meditation, organic foods and cooking, exercise using your body weight, yoga and Pilates, and keeping a journal will help the overall wellness for women over 40. The metabolism starts to slow, and the need for more green foods, gluten-free foods, anti-inflammatory foods (less sugar and processed), and fresh fish, fruits and vegetables become evident. It's almost as if being 40, you just can't maintain the same lifestyle you did at even 35 years old. The body is always trying to tell you something.

If you have a family, it is important to gain the support of both your husband and children. They can provide the backbone of managing stress levels, and keeping the entire family healthy, which keeps an over-40 year old woman healthy as well. Being involved in community activities also contributes to overall wellness. And, continue to be passionate about your work and hobbies. Staying true to yourself and what you believe in will set you apart and keep your spirit intact while the aging process begins to facilitate in your body.

The beauty of turning 40 and beyond is the wisdom and courage it takes to handle it all. There is nothing more attractive than a 40-year old woman who knows what she wants, who she is, and how she can impact society. Balance and awareness will take you farther than you can ever imagine.

When it comes to wellness for women over 40, prevention is the best approach. Cooking at home versus eating out, will not only help the budget, but will aid in knowing what food is going into your body and how it relates to every cell function as well. There is nothing more satisfying than a healthy home-cooked meal using the freshest ingredients possible in an overall health regimen.

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