Did you know that beauty is about feeling and looking good inside out?

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Beauty is about feeling and looking good inside out. Taking care of yourself naturally is the first step to feeling and looking better! Today there are some wonderful natural and organic health and beauty products that will help you achieve a holistic programme to care for your body and mind at the best. Natural and organic health and beauty products are everywhere on the shelves of your supermarket but the point is, do you really know how to pick products that are truly wholesome and effective for your wellbeing?

Below is a list of natural, organic products you might want to start to purchase to turn all natural and make your health truly beautiful!

1.     Best all natural hair dye

All natural hair dye: henna, new henna and the rest

Once upon a time when we thought of all natural hair dye the word henna immediately came to mind. Today this is no longer the case, as there are so many wonderful all natural hair dyes to choose from. Many have the advantage of being 100% organic and provide your hair with additional benefits such as conditioning properties and extra shine. One of the disadvantages of henna dye used to be that it’s not ideal if your hair tends to become dry however if your hair is naturally rich and perhaps it gets even slightly oily, henna especially in powder remains your best ally.

The latest generation of henna dyes

Although in the past many customers used to complain about henna hair dye application being generally messy, today you can choose between cream and powder. Creams tend to have a user-friendly package that makes it easy to apply henna hair dye in the comfort of your home. Plus, in the latest generation of all natural hair henna dyes, powerful ingredients have been mixed with henna so that

Surya Cream Henna Hair Color is an example, being a ready to use product that is entirely organic and natural and comes in a bottle for easy application. As a tempor

ary coloring and hair treatment, this all natural hair dye features key ingredients such as Guaraná, a fruit from Brazil that stimulates your capillaries; honey, with its moisturizing properties as well as Açai and Carrot, adding softening and protecting properties to the product. Meanwhile Surya Cream Henna Hair Color features no peroxide, heavy metals or ammonia.

If you like to keep your all natural hair dye more traditional, choose a powder product like the affordable Jamila Henna Powder that is also non toxic and all natural.

To each her own

If henna is not for you no matter what, then get creative and choose some new exciting all natural hair dye like Naturtint Hair Color. According to reviews it covers white hair perfectly and it respects the scalp as it doesn’t feature ammonia unlike many other brands therefore it’s less harsh on your hair too. Besides being all natural and featuring natural ingredients such as soy, corn and coconut, Naturtint is also a permanent dye and comes in 29 different colours that can be mixed to reach your perfect shade. The products are suitable for vegans and against animal testing.

For a variety of all natural dyes click here


2.     All natural hair texturizers

Tame your curls with all natural hair texturizers

Texturizers are by definition the softer version of a proper relaxer and are considered to be the healthy option if you want to tame your curls without going completely straight. To make your hair fully soft and harmless, you should definitely choose an all natural hair texturizer. This will help make your curls more manageable without leaving your hair shapeless. The selection of products on offer is varied and like most cosmetics, also all natural hair texturizers are turning multifunctional allowing your hair to benefit from several restructuring and protecting functions.

We have picked what we think are the best texturizers for him and for her according to their credentials as all natural hair texturizers and the end results they provide.

Best All natural hair texturizers for her

You’ll like Linange Shea Butter Texturizer is for you if you need to detangle your curls and turn them into manageable, moisturized waves. The brand also offers a kit, the Linange Combination Set combining the Shea Butter Texturizer with the Linange Neutralizing Conditioner and the Linange Restructuring Mask for a complete all natural treatment. Meanwhile from John Masters Organics comes the new Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer, which works well if you want to add volume to your hairdo. The key ingredient here are castor oil that smoothes your hair cuticle and glycerine, which add moisture to your hairdo. Meanwhile for added protection if you dye your hair you can go for Alterna Hemp Seed Texturizing Glaze & Color Hold with organic ingredients, a lightweight styling lotion that separates your curls, extends the life of your color and also offers protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Best All natural hair texturizers for him

When it comes to men, it seems gentlemen have less choice than ladies. However the line of all natural hair texturizers for men by Luster’s Scurl has products that have been described by users as efficient and able to do the job. Luster’s Scurl Normal Texturizer helps give men’s curls that style they need in minutes while giving your hairdo a natural looking finish. If you want more hold, then you can pick the Luster’s Scurl Normal Texturizer, which is the regular version.

There’s also a gel, Lusters’s S-Curl Stylin’Gel Texturizer, in case you need that extra sleek finish. Also note that many products for women will do the job just as well.

For a complete selection of all natural hair texturizers for him and for her click here


3. Best all natural prenatal vitamins

How to give your baby the best start

During pregnancy, all natural prenatal vitamins can help you cope with the changes your body is facing and kick start a healthy life for your baby. These natural multivitamins are proper supplements that will help you balance your diet so that any nutritional deficiency can be addressed and balance properly restored naturally. Keep in mind that during pregnancy you will need more of the nutrients your body generally requires, so that it can perform its functions healthily. You must always keep in mind that, especially during pregnancy, it will be best to consult a doctor who can assess you needs before picking your ideal all natural prenatal vitamins. Studies have shown that if you take the inappropriate amount of vitamins, you might get the opposite effect you’d hope for and put your baby at risk. With this in mind, yo should also remember that your supplements should not contain:



Any additional ingredients that are not necessary

Key ingredients of all natural prenatal vitamins

Vitamins are extremely important when you are pregnant and all natural prenatal vitamins can be beneficial to compensate your diet and enhance your general wellbeing at such a delicate time like pregnancy. You can find most vitamins you need in your food, such as in liver, eggs, milk, carrots and many other. For that added effect, choose your vitamin supplement following the below guidelines.

Vitamin A and Vitamin D: stimulate bones and teeth growth

Vitamin C: helps your immune system to keep healthy and fortifies it

Vitamin B1: increases your energy levels

Vitamin B3: makes your skin healthier

Vitamin B6: can help you with morning sickness

Further to vitamins, your all natural prenatal vitamins will generally feature:

Calcium: helps keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy

Folic Acid: one of the most important ingredients you’ll need throughout your pregnancy, which helps support the placenta and prevents defects like spina bifida

Iron: prevents anemia. While it’s good for this, you should keep in mind that iron might increase your nausea and constipation, this is why you should limit the dosage

Protein: helps your body repair cells

Zinc: supports your immune system and according to some studies can help prevent miscarriages

What you need from your all natural prenatal vitamins

When you pick your all natural prenatal vitamins, make sure you check out what they offer against what you need. Below is a list of some added benefits that all natural prenatal vitamins on offer today provide:

1 Digestion-enhanced, for instance featuring enzymes, probiotics and ginger that makes the product easy to digest and gentle on the stomach

2 Fully vegetarian formula, including wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free and yeast-free products

3 Chewable, if you don’t like to swallow tablets

To view a list of all natural prenatal vitamins click here


3.     All natural yogurt brands

5 reasons why all natural yogurt is good

The live bacteria that populate your yogurt are incredibly healthy and if you choose an all natural yogurt you will definitely benefit from the fewer additives it features as well as the lack of potentially damaging chemicals. Harmful hormones and antibiotics that your regular yogurt contains will be also kept out of your body and so will artificial sweeteners and flavorings. You might wandering what you’ll be left with once you remove of these bad ingredients and the answer is very simple: an all natural yogurt whose healthy bacteria, called probiotics, will help you not only to keep your intestine active but also to:

1 Keep your immune system well functioning

2 Ward off food poisoning

3 Reduce asthma especially in children

4 Lower your cholesterol levels

5 Lower your blood pressure levels

There are many all natural yogurt brands to choose from and if you are always on the go and you don’t really have the time for a healthy break with spoon and jar, then there are a few options for you to continue to benefit from an all natural yogurt anyway. Today you’ll find even yogurt pretzels are available!

We have picked a few all natural yogurt brands in 5 different formats to suit your taste and lifestyle:

1 smoothie

Earth's Best Organic Fruit Yogurt Smoothie, Strawberry Banana

It’s USDA Organic Certified and features no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives available also as Pear Mango and Mixed Berries and ideal for children.

2 snack

Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel Yogurt Dipped Treat Strawberry Banana, a blend of dried tropical fruits and nuggets with a yogurt coating

3 bar

choose from KIND Fruit + Nut Gluten Free Bars, said to help weight gain or Eat Natural Almond & Apricot Bar with Yogurt Coating, made from almonds, apricots, and yogurt

4 make your own

You can choose from Yogurt Powder by Barry Farm, if you want to save money and never be caught without yogurt, or Natren Probiotic Yogurt Starter to make our own delicious, all natural yogurt

5 pretzels

SunRidge Farms All Natural Yogurt Pretzels, which are candies entirely made of new ingredients such as vanilla and cocoa butter. These pretzels truly features only the best ingredients and natural flavors and colors while leaving out hydrogenated oils, titanium dioxide or artificial whitening agents. They are also sweetened with naturally evaporated cane juice or malt.

For more of all natural yogurt brands click here


5. Healthy drinks

10 healthy drinks to help you lose weight

If you need a little help to shed those extra pounds you might consider integrating your diets with some of the following healthy drinks which will help you to keep your hunger at bay while also providing you with fundamental ingredients to make your body healthy and strong. You can also use them when you are fasting or detoxing, as a way to keep your body regular.

1 Nature's Way Metabolic ReSet

this is a smoothie that helps you achieve a prolonged sense of fullness if drunk regularly or as a meal replacement drink so that you can ultimately achieve your goal of consuming fewer calories and loose weight. It’s also said to slow the digestion of carbohydrates that in turns reduces cravings and a less frequent desire to eat.

2 Herbalife H3O Fitness Drink Hydrate, Lemonade, that replaces lost fluids while antioxidants protecting your body from fatigue. This health drink is particularly indicated for those who are combining dieting with intense physical activity.

3 Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials Drink Mix. This healthy drink can be mixed to a glass of milk to become your ideal, healthy breakfast. It features 21 minerals and vitamins and proteins and calcium necessary to keep your body balanced when you are trying to loose weight.

4 Orgain Ready-To-Drink Certified Organic Meal Replacement. While you must be always careful to have a balanced diet and get your proteins, it is acceptable to substitute one of your meals with a healthy drink like this. Not only it’s healthy, but it also features quality organic cocoa with no artificial flavors.

5 BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder this healthy drink is also ideal if you are combining intense physical activity to a diet. Mix the powder with water or milk to create a rich, creamy milkshake that will provide you with the proteins you need.

6 FRS Low Cal Powdered Drink Mix is the ideal healthy drink if you like your orange juice to be low calories. Studied to support your weight management program, you should drink it 30 to 60 minutes before exercise and preferably once or twice a day.

8 Zipfizz Energy Drink. Choose this healthy drink if you prefer tablets and a citrus flavored, all natural drink. It contains no articifial coloring.

9 Zipfizz® Berry Healthy Energy Drink Mix is an allnatural, berry flavored, energy drink-mix powder that revitalizes your body with added energy. This is perfect when you are feeling in need of a boost, and you need it fast!

10 Sibu Revitalize Liquid Supplement Drink. This healthy drink suits those who want to improve their skin and stimulate nails and hair growth while keeping an eye on their weight with a 100% natural product.

For more healthy drinks click here


6. all natural liquid oxygen drops

What are all natural liquid oxygen drops?

Oxygen is indispensable and vital for the human body, not only for breathing but also because oxygen works as a cleaning agent that carries toxins and waste out of our body. If oxygen is not received in proper quantities our circulation worsen and we can store toxic component within our body. All natural liquid oxygen drops might be the right answer if you need to energize and cleanse your body. Basically, liquid oxygen is oxygen that has been transferred into its liquid state, in which it detoxifies your body and boosts your immune system. Among its benefits, all natural liquid oxygen drops also increase your energy making you immediately feel more responsive and alert. Recently all natural liquid oxygen drops have become one of the most researched products for its anti ageing properties. It seems in fact that, thanks to its cleansing and revitalizing properties, all natural liquid oxygen drops also favor skin rejuvenation; and not only that as studies have shown that liquid oxygen drops also help reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and your level of fitness while making your bones stronger and increase muscle mass. If you suffer from insomnia, all natural liquid oxygen drops might also be the remedy you have been long looking for.

All natural liquid oxygen drops to boost your energy

According to reviews, Aerobic Life - Aerobic 07-Stabilized Oxygen is a must if you are looking to kick start your diet feeling full of energy and stamina. Some customers even indicate that after trying these all natural liquid oxygen drops they no longer drink coffee as they find it unnecessary so much their energy and alertness levels have been boosted.

O2 Spa Bar Liquid Oxygen Female Formula, which is also available for men in its O2 Spa Bar Liquid Oxygen Male Formula version, is formulated to boost mind and body that lacks oxygen. The version for her is focused on strengthening your bones, promote weight loss and reduce stress. The drops are said to provide you with a natural energy boost and renewed mental alertness and stamina thanks to the concentrate of oxygen and calcium magnesium. The O2 Spa Bar Liquid Oxygen Male Formula will also help you get rid of your hangover or jetl eg in a healthy way.

You can take the drops directly under your tongue or adding water.

For a variety of all natural liquid oxygen drops click here


7. All natural tortillas

4 all natural tortillas you will love

Whether you just want to have them as a snack or as your main course, these little Spanish cakes know how to stimulate your appetite. Why not try all natural tortillas and add their tasty flavor to an uncompromised mix of natural and healthy ingredients? More and more brands have tried to present consumers with organic and 100% natural tortillas and, true to their efforts, some have accomplished some truly tasty results.

Among the mouth watering tortillas available you can truly pick your favorite today choosing among a variety of options that include multigrain tortillas, whole grain tortillas, lightly salted tortillas and extra spicy tortilla; and once you have made up your mind about the all natural tortilla that is made just for you, don’t forget to also choose the best sauce that should go with them. But, back to all natural tortillas, here’s our pick of four products that taste truly great and are also easy to prepare at home.

1 7" La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Low Carb Tortillas. They call themselves, and rightly so, the perfect alternative to high carb Mexican food, and indeed they give you the chance to continue your feast of gorgeous Mexican delicacies while keeping an eye on your waistline. They are also herb flavored and contains organic soy flour that will provide with a higher protein content.

2 R. W. Garcia Veggie Organic Tortilla Chips. The name says it all: for vegetarians who love to keep fit but can’t really say no to some lovely Spanish food, these tortilla chips can be the ideal snack, always available when you’re on the go.

3 Ecofriendly Green Mountain Organic White Tortilla Strips will contribute to your wellbeing whie respecting the environment. Taste remains the most important feature of this product, that according to consumers’ reviews makes them feel good and healthy even after an abundant meal.

4.     Plocky's Organic Louisiana Peppa Red Tortilla Dip Strips. These organically grown tortillas are once again ideal if you like your tortillas chips on the go. No fuss for a healthy and organic product that also tastes good.

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8. just veggies all natural snack

Veggie and spoilt for choice

With the number of animal friendly consumers and vegetarians increasing by the day, it was about time someone decided to take care of their snacking habits. The brand Just Veggie by Just Tomatoes seems to be doing just that, and successfully so, catering for veggies who like their snacks healthy and animal friendly from start to end. Just Tomatoes Just veggies all natural snack are available in a variety of shapes and flavors to suit the most demanding of vegetarians and some of them are also 100% organic.

What they say about Just Tomatoes Just veggie

These are some of the reviews Just Tomatoes Just Veggie has scored across the internet:

-     perfect as a travel snack

-     - perfect if you are on the go

-     truly natural

-     delicious

-     there’s no better way to get your healthy food than this

-     my children love it

-     dried fruits and vegetables come in a handy packet that you can stick in your pocket and carry around

-     it’s helped me to trim down as I had a scoop of Just Tomatoes just Veggies when I felt hungry and they stopped me from eating unhealthy food

-     as a vegetarian, I have been waiting for this kind of product for a long time and I’m glad I can have choose among a great variety of products today!

Below you’ll find the most popular and loved just veggies:

1 Just Tomatoes Just Veggies, the original flavor, is a mix of dried tomatoes, peas, carrots, corn, and bell peppers featuring no sulfur or preservatives. Just Tomatoes suggests it can be used as a snack, or mixed with your soups for added taste and nutrition. The product is als gluten-free.

2 Just Tomatoes Hot Just Veggies. This is another way of getting the fruits and vegetables you need no matter how hectic your day is. Jalapeno has been added to your original Just Veggies, which is ideal if you like your snack to spice up your day.

3 Just Tomatoes Just Peas offers you plump sweet peas dried and ideal to add flavor to your soup, sauces and salads. Among the customers who have loved this product that are many mothers who describe it as the perfect snack for their toddlers, especially as a travel snack that is nutritious and complete.

4 Just Tomatoes Organic Just Veggies, ideal if you are looking for nothing else but a really wholesome product.

For a complete selection of just veggies all natural snack

Click here


9. jason all natural mousse

Advantages of Jason all natural mousse

if you are new to this brand, here’s a brief recap of where they come from and what they are about. Jason is a brand whose goal is to provide its customers with hair care products that are good in the most holistic possible way. Therefore it’s not only about being good on your hair and skin but also being good to the environment and its inhabitants. To do this, the company only selects natural ingredients that are of the highest quality. These are the ingredients you are to find in the jason all natural mousse, while what you won’t find are animal by-products, synthetic colors or fragrance, and harmful chemicals. Testing on animals is not something Jason supports or does.

The advantages of a natural hair mousse are that it will give you volume, conditioning and hold while treating your hair gently and providing it with essential natural ingredients it needs to look healthy.

Jason all natural mousse features the nourishing Vitamin B5, fruit extract of apricot, mandarin and lemon. The directions for use are specific and vary according to your intended final hairstyle so you should be aware of this. For instance, if you need to add volume, rub the mousse between your hands, apply to towel-dried hair from the roots out and then blow dry as you’d normally do.

As you begin to use Jason all natural mousse, you’ll also start to notice the added benefits of using a product that is natural and doesn’t feature any damaging chemicals. The danger of using harsh chemicals on your hair has been exposed by many hairdressers, some of which have even turned manufacturers, especially to put out on the market products such as Jason all natural mousse that are harmless. The natural mousse on the contrary will give your hairdo extra shine and moisture much needed especially if you live in the city and work in an office; it distributes through the hair easily, and you’ll soon notice how it’s a very precious styling tool. Furthermore, because it’s earth and animal friendly, you’ll always be sure you are doing bit for your own safety and for the wellbeing of the planet too!

Beside Jason all natural mousse don’t forget that Jason offers a compete line of healthy and earth friendly hair care and hair styling products ranging from shampoos to conditioners and gels. The choice really is unlimited while the price point per product remains surprisingly affordable.

For more details about Jason all natural mousse click here:


10. All natural deodorant for kids

Why your kid deserves an all natural deodorant

Today it’ almost a given for granted fact that conventional deodorants carry dangerous ingredients within them and, since they are a very intimate product that is getting in touch with a very delicate area of our body, it means that such potentially harming ingredients will penetrate under the skin very easily and enter your body in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, unlike some other products you are most likely to use sporadically, deodorants are one of those personal care items you always need, in every social occasion, be it on the transport on your way to work or just at home cooking your favorite dinner with friends and family. Perspiration is notoriously socially unacceptable, and just imagine how many millions of dollars have been spent on commercials for the best deodorants ever. The main point here is, check your ingredients, investigate the manufacturer and then make up your choice about the best all natural deodorant you and your kid can trust. For children, a good deodorant is even more important as it’s at this stage of your kid life that she will begin most of the relations that will form her character and world view. It is necessary that she’s ready to take on every challenge and learn every lesson being perfectly confident.

On your supermarket’s shelves you’ll find a wide selection of deodorants for kids, some of them will even have extremely trendy looks and your kid might not resist the temptation. Remember that safety comes first so don’t stop at the packaging but investigate your ingredients. It’s also good for your kid to try out a few all natural deodorant for kids to check out which one works best for her. Although it’s difficult with all natural deodorant for kids, some ingredients or plants they feature might still trigger allergies or simply not do the job properly for your kid.

4 top all natural deodorant for kids

1 Boys Natural Deodorant by Varsity. No Aluminum, No Parabens, No Propylene Glycol and safe for kids of all ages.

2 Girls Natural Deodorant by Varsity

3 Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Deodorant A fragrance free, liquid mineral crystal formula in a convenient roll-on

4 Deodorant for Kids

by GrowingBasics. This is ideal if your kid prefers an easy to use stick depending on your kid’s age, though, spray might be a better choice.

For a wide selection of all natural deodorant for kids please click here


11. All natural kids vitamins

How to choose vitamins for your kid

Your kid should normally get his vitamins from an adequate and balanced diet. However if your doctor feels your kid is in need of some particular vitamins you can find an array of natural kids vitamins that should satisfy all his needs. Multivitamins for babies are available as drops while children can make use of tablets as well as shakes. If you feel your children needs some multivitamins, you can go for products that usually contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D and that will also feature added iron Vitamin B12, Vitamin E and other minerals and vitamins. All natural kids vitamins are definitely the best choice for the health of the little ones, as they entirely non toxic and chemical free. In fact, added pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that you are most likely to find in synthetic products are particularly dangerous to the vulnerable systems of children. The first step to choose the best all natural kids vitamins is to talk to your doctor or nurse about your kids general state of health, especially highlighting those areas where he may need a boost, like bones or teeth for instance. Once you have done this, your doctor might suggest some medical tests or ask the child to try out a few vitamins. You should always report back to your doctor how your child is doing, until you find the perfect combination of vitamins that really makes the difference for him. Meanwhile, presented with an array of vitamins that might all look the same for you, don’t forget to always opt for All natural kids vitamins. Below you’ll find some of the most recommended all natural vitamins for children, which come in different formats and shapes to suit all needs.

1 SmartyPants- The Total Vitamin Treat: Pediatrician-approved Gummy Multi-Vitamin with Omega 3 & Vitamin D

2 Yummi Bears Multi-Vitamin

3 VegLife - Vegan Kids Multiple Berry - 60 Chewable Tablets

4 Just Once - Kids' One Multistars

5 Nordic Naturals- Nordic Berries 3 Gram Gummy Berries

6 Organic Multi-Vitamin and Mineral by Hero Nutritionals

7 Traditional Medicinals Teas Just For Kids Organic Cold Care Tea

8 Garden of Life RAW Organic Probiotic Kids

9 for Kids - Ddrops Liquid Vitamin D3 (400IU)

by Carlson

10 Hot Kid Organic Toddler Mum-Mum Strawberry Flavor Rice Biscuit,

For more all natural kids vitamins check here


12. all natural suntan lotion

5 rules to pick your all natural suntan lotion

With springs at the door, you might want to start to pack on all natural suntan lotion as soon as possible. Not only because suntan lotions can become a pretty expensive item if you consider that for full protection you’ll need to reapply the product more than just once a day; this is also because you might need to try out the all natural suntan lotion that works best for you. In fact, like all natural products, these lotions also features chemical free ingredients but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all things natural are immediately good for you. While they definitely are good for the planet, you never know which ingredients will interact better with your skin and even when you find it, it’s a good habit to perform checks on your on skin and see how it feels. Nothing too difficult – you just need to ask yourself one question. Is this all natural suntan lotion making the job for me? is my skin looking good? Does it hurt? Once you become familiar with more products and learn what ingredients suit you best as well as which flavors and textures you love the most, you’ll be surprised by how much there’s on offer out there to protect your skin while you enjoy all the advantages of a great day out, perhaps, and why not, even on the beach.

1 First things, remember that among all natural suntan lotions, oils are best only if your skin is dark or anyway already tanned. Oils under the sun have been very controversial as while they are associated with all things natural they might also contain nasty ingredients. Once you have verified this, and if your skin allows for it, remember that it’s good practice to make abundant use of an after sun, rich cream if during the day your skin is only covered in oil.

2 understand your skin and the level of protection it needs. Choose the factor of protection accordingly.

3 take your time to feel the texture of the cream you are using and ask yourself if it feels good on your skin. Try another cream if the one you have is not satisfactory. Some people love their all natural suntan lotion

to be rich but others, men in particular, prefer a dry product. In that case, why not choose a spray all natural suntan lotion? The choice really is unlimited.

4 check out the natural ingredients the cream features. If it’s a good product, all the ingredients should be on the flacon and if this is not the case internet might help you to find out. Keep an eye on nasty ingredients you don’t want, including parabens.

5 today you are expecting more from your all natural suntan lotion, so consider buying an affordable product that also gives you additional benefits including anti aging, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. If you look at the ingredients list too you’ll be able to pick the ingredients that really works for you, cocoa butter, shea butter and carrots among the most common and efficient to soothe and nourish your skin under the sun.

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13. All natural marshmallows

Did you know that the first marshmallow-like candies came from France while in ancient Egypt they were already experimenting with this confection? Years ago, the candy was made from the juice of marsh mallow while today this popular treat loved by people of all ages worldwide is made from sugar, corn syrup and gelatin. Traditional marshmallows can have the disadvantage of featuring colorings and artificial flavors to enhance their taste and even though the chemicals, which you might find in the candy are generally just present in a tiny percentage, they remain potentially harmful for your health.

If you don’t want to compromise your healthy lifestyle and want to feel safe and wholesome but you still can’t resist the temptation when you see marshmallows, today it’s easy enough for you to switch to all natural marshmallows.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between your regular marshmallow and an all natural marshmallow is that the last will only feature organic or natural gelatine and organic or natural fruit juice concentrate. Further to this, most all natural marshmallows will are also gluten free, peanut and tree nut free and lactose free, which is always helpful if you suffer from food related allergies. All natural marshmallows, to make it simple, feature no artificial ingredients at all.

Types of all natural marshmallows

All natural doesn’t mean that it will suit anyone and this is why you have an extremely varied choice of all natural marshmallows to choose from according to your taste, needs and much more. We have found some interesting types of all natural marshmallows as you can see below:

Certified organic marshmallows

Featuring a wide selection of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, orange crème and many more, these are the ultimate healthy snack for you and your kid. Often this kind of marshmallows don’t feature gelatin but keep in mind, if you are vegetarian, that they generally still contains egg whites. Being certified organic, you are guaranteed they are a healthy and eco friendly treat.

Vegetarian and vegan marshmallows

Suitable if you are animal friendly and also want to keep an eye on packaging in fact they generally come in a recyclable dress while also featuring zero animal product and byproduct, which means they are 100% gelatin free. Remember that gelatin is derived from animal bones or hides.

Halal or kosher marshmallows

Remember that generally marshmallows, because they feature gelatin, are not considered kosher or halal, unless kosher or halal animals have been used in the production of the gelatin. You should be able to find this information on the packaging.

To pick your favorite all natural marshmallows click here


14. All natural sprinkles

10 all natural sprinkles: pick your own!

Sprinkles come in all shapes and forms and finally today they also come in a healthy, all natural version. Whether it’s to make your cake tastier and more colorful or decorate your cupcake, you won’t feel let down for choice when it comes to organic sprinkles.

Below are 10 of the most popular all natural sprinkles and as you’ll see some are ideal if you are on a diet while some will suit you best if you are vegetarian or kosher. No matter your need, you will definitely be able to find the right product for you, choosing among a variety of creative and beautiful sprinkles to make your cake inviting and unique.

1 India Tree Chocolate Vermicelli are perfect if you need to decorate your cake, cookies or top up your ice cream. They can also be used directly into your caking.

     2 Let's Do Sprinkelz Organic Chocolatey, Gluten-Free. Made in Germany, these crunchy chocolate sprinkles are ideal to decorate cupcakes, cookies, sundaes and other desserts. They are also vegan, fat free and gluten free and made of cane juice, corn malt syrup and cocoa powder.

3 Deruyter Chocoadehagel Melk(Milk Chocolate Sprinkles)

Although they feature some flavorings, they make the list because, if you are on a diet, you might be interested in them: they feature skimmed cocoa powder and skimmed milk powder.

4 Naturally Nora Cake and Frosting Mix Variety Pack feature only all natural, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and no hydrogenated oils either.

5 India Tree Seurat Non-Pareil Party Decoratifs are colorful sprinkles that give that extra touch to your cakes and ice cream while keeping you healthy.

6 Naturally Nora Surprising Stars Frosting Mix are stars-shapes sprinkles that make your cake very unique with the advantage that they are also Kosher certified, feature no artificial ingredients and are 100% natural. If this wasn’t enough, they also feature no hydrogenated oils, no dairy or soy.

7     Naturally Nora A Lot'a Dots Cake Mix are just the same as the above but in a lovely dot shape.

8     Molly McButter Flavor Sprinkles, Natural Butter features cheddar cheese other than chocolate and can be Sprinkled on hot and moist food like rice, pasta and vegetables, plus they are cholesterol free.

9     Rainbow Toppers, Cinnamon Imperials are another alternative for a colorful topping to your cake. Sprinkle them as much as you need because they are healthy too.

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15. Chapstick all natural lip balm

Benefits of chapstick all natural lip balm

With most of the newly launched chapstick lip balm launched featuring trendy colors and therefore dyes and the ongoing controversy about lead in lipsticks, these are products you want to be particularly careful about. According to a recent report, the FDA has found about 400 types of lipsticks that contain excess traces of lead and that can ultimately affect nearly every system in your body. Some of the major international brands have come under scrutiny because of this while all natural brands have taken up this opportunity to launch innovative and healthy products.

Watch out

Especially when the season change, you are most likely to experience dryness on your lips and this is why applying and topping up your chapstick lip balm will become a habit. According to a Facebook survey, the average woman uses lip balm anywhere from two to 30 times a day, highly increasing any potential damage of chemical ingredients in your lip balm.


These are the ingredients that make lip balms potentially dangerous to your health; most include a petroleum base, which means they are manufactured with petroleum jelly or paraffin wax. While these make the job of keeping your lips moisturized throughout the day, they may also be toxic. But there is a lot more to worry about, and namely: preservatives, artificial flavors and sweeteners. As you see, the mix can really become threatening to your health.

Go all natural

Luckily today most brands understand your needs and have devised natural and organic lip balm that you can apply safely as many times as you wish. Most of the new Chapstick all natural lip balm features vital ingredients that will help your lips keep hydrated and nourished all day long, including pure essential oils and butters. Most of these ingredients are also ethically sourced so that while applying your lip balm you are also contributing to the wellbeing of the earth and its inhabitants.

Read the labels

Be savvy and read the label, as this is the only way you can be truly safe with your chapstick all natural lip balm. Some brands that pretend to be entirely natural, in fact, still feature petroleum and artificial colorants in their products. The up side is that chapstick all natural lip balms feature powerful natural ingredients like bees wax, honey, vitamins, cocoa butter and other delicate food ingredients.

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16. all natural cake mix

Make your own healthy and delicious cake

Health starts from within, and especially from what you eat. This is why we have become more and more accustomed to be selective with our daily meals and snacks, turning to natural products and ingredients that increase our sense of wellbeing. If you want to bake your own cake then it’s only natural that you’ll look out for the best all natural cake mix, the delicious and safe alternative to your regular cake mix.

Here are some tips on how to choose the one that really works for you

1 check the ingredients.

The basic ingredients are flour, sugar, baking soda and flavors so focus on those first to see, for instance, if there are any chemical flavors added.

2 decide what interests you the most.

If you have decided to go for an all natural cake mix, the risk is hat you might be overwhelmed by choice. Don’t let the variety put you off and make of it a friend, instead. Once you have chosen your favorite all natural cake mix it will become easier for you to experiment with other types and you will be more prepared to understand what really makes the difference for you and your family.

3 If you are allergic to ingredients. Some might turn to all natural cake mix because they are allergic to common in ingredients found in cake mix such as dairy products, soy, gluten, nuts, and even eggs. You’ll be surprised how many brands are available today that cater to your needs, just experiment with a few products and pick the one you like the most!

4 If you are vegetarian or vegan make sure you double-check the ingredients. The same goes for those who are on a diet. Don’t stop at the first all natural cake mix you’ll find on the shelves but be ready to take your time and select low fat ingredients for you. Get into the habit of using low fat ingredients so that your palate will slowly start to adjust and really appreciate the different still delicious taste that low fat cakes have.

5 Be creative!

Some still have the feeling that healthy, organic, all natural and vegetarian ingredients equal a boring cake but this is absolutely wrong. With an all natural cake mix you’ll be surprised how your sense of taste can be totally awaken by wholesome ingredients without compromising the way your cake look. Create your own all natural cake that also looks good just by choosing organic ingredients and you’ll feel the difference from within!

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17. All natural pest elimination

3 ways to get rid of pest naturally

The legend goes that London city has eight mice for each of its inhabitants … If this were true, and according to the percentage of men to women in the city, the average single woman would be more likely to meet a rat than a man! Even though you might not find yourself in such an extreme situation, mice, rats and rodents together with many other insects still remain a very common threat both in cities and in the countryside. If you are animal and earth friendly, or you just don’t feel like using harsh methods to get rid of pests, you can look into all natural pest elimination, the natural to get rid or control pests that doesn’t damage the environment either.

You can make your own all natural pest elimination system prettily easily and using natural ingredients however, if you don’t have the time or DIY is not your forte, there are many brands and formats you can choose from.

Here are three products and each employs a different method that promise to sort out your pest problem, whatever it might be. Whether you prefer an easy to use spray, an electronic device or simply dust, you’ll find the best product for you. For maximum protection you can even choose to mix and match and personalize your all natural pest elimination.



Kleen Free Naturally, Natural, Non-Toxic, Enzyme Solution and Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Eco Living Friendly, an organic, non-toxic, ecological cleaner that is used both at home and in business settings like hotels and restaurants to control pest.


Electronic device

PEST OFFENSE Electronic Pest Repellant has become a very popular way of getting rid of pest in the household in a healthy and safe manner. They repel ants, cockroaches, spiders and mice among the rest using electricity (you have to plug the device in the socket) and producing ultrasonic sounds that scare pests away. The best part is that it is affordable and will last for years so that you no longer need to worry about pest control; furthermore they are extremely safe, both for your children and pet, and do not affect the environment.



St. Gabriel Laboratories All Natural Indoor/Outdoor Insect Dust Repellent. This dust claims to be so safe that you can even rub it into your dog or cat’s fur. Use it indoors and outdoors for safe and eco friendly pest control.

For more information on all natural pest elimination and all natural pest eliminators click here:


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18. all natural skin lighteners

Say goodbye to dark spot and welcome your newly brightened skin!

To give your skin that perfect glow it needs, skin lighteners are often the right choice for you: they will brighten your face without chemicals and nasty ingredients while providing additional benefits such as sun protection and anti aging properties. Seen the recent global that skin lighteners have enjoyed brands have become more careful to the ingredients they put into their products. However keep an eye on the label, as in the past really dangerous and damaging ingredients like hydroquinone have been found in these products, but this and other are currently banned as they have been found to damage tissues irreversibly. Some users were left with scars and skin discoloration that are hard and expensive to fix.

For a natural looking and brightening skin, go for face creams and gels that are 100% natural and, as you try them on, find the one that suits you best and try to stick to that.

Pick your all natural skin lightener

All natural skin lighteners come in several formats and textures today. You can mix and match the following all natural skin lighteners:

1 Peel and lighten

Today you can even lighten your skin with a peel, for instance using INFINITE SKIN PROFESSIONAL SKIN LIGHTENING PEEL 20% LACTIC ACID 5% KOJIC ACID, a professional brand that is sold in medical spas and at doctors’ offices. The peel is available with different formulations to suit all skin types, even the most sensitive. Choose among the 20% Mild Peel for sensitive skin and first time users; the 40% Medium Peel for mild to moderate acne scars and other skin discolorations; the 60% Moderate Peel for someone that have had peel treatments before, use for moderate to major acne scars and other skin discolorations and the 80% Strong Peel. Results will vary and, starting from the delicate peel, as your skin gets used to the peel you can move on to the next level.

2 Gelling well

For your most sensitive body and face areas, go for South Beach - Skin Lightening Gel, specifically formulated to take care and lighten your skin where it’s most sensitive. The all-natural active ingredients present in the gel are designed to lighten dark pigments by blending the spot with your own natural skin tone. The result is a more youthful and refreshed look.

3 Beauty sleep

For beneficial effects while you are sleeping, try Reviva Brown Spot Night Cream, that doesn’t feature any animal ingredients and promises to brighten your skin while you sleep.

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19. All natural chocolate syrup

Every little bit helps

If you choose an all natural life style, at the top of priorities you should put changing your every day habits and turning each of them in occasions to be healthy. As for everything else, start small, for instance by substituting your regular chocolate syrup with its all natural version. Available at most drugstores and online, all natural chocolate syrup tastes as good as regular syrup with the advantage that it only features carefully selected natural ingredients which can be extremely beneficial to your general health. You can still think of syrup of a treat, but be reassured that it will be a healthy one.

Healthy energy

Most all natural chocolate syrups feature organic cacao from which the healthiest chocolate is derived. Organically grown cacao beans are safe and healthy because they haven’t been in touch with pesticides therefore they won’t carry any potentially damaging residues. Further to this, cacao is well known for its powerful beneficial properties. It’s good for your heart thanks to magnesium, that regulates your blood pressure and heart beat, and potassium, which are present in dark chocolate. Cocoa is also said to be a very effective anti depressant because it is a source of serotonin and dopamine, substances that are associated with feelings of wellbeing.

Look younger with chocolate!

Cacao has been proved to be a powerful antioxidant that will naturally attack the free radicals present in your body and responsible for the aging of your skin. Basically, while the free radicals will attack your skin, the antioxidant will neutralize them slowing down the aging process, also helped by the essential vitamins and minerals that cocoa features. Remember the best chocolate is dark chocolate as it contains all these elements in their raw status.

Added benefits

Some of the healthiest all natural chocolate syrups have the advantage to also be gluten free, feature organic vanilla extracts and organic raw cacao, which on its own is an incredible source of health. Other all natural chocolate syrups also feature the added benefits of almonds that are rich in fibers too. You can also pick a dairy free product if you are intolerant and still enjoy great taste, and different flavors available to day like mint chocolate or caramel. If white chocolate is your favorite, you will also find your all natural chocolate syrup in this version.

To pick the all natural chocolate syrup that suits you best click here:


20. All natural leave in conditioner

Our pick: best all natural leave in conditioners trio

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you are conditioning your hair is to wash away the conditioner after just a few minutes from the application. It might be because you are in hurry and you just don’t have enough time or maybe it’s the case that you haven’t noticed yet, but the fact remains that your hair will become easily frizzy. If you have a hectic lifestyle and you can’t spend too much time in the shower conditioning your hair, you should think about purchasing a leave in conditioner, a product that in fact you don’t even need to apply when you are in the shower. You can use a leave in conditioner once you have finished your shower and it will help detangle your hair while also helping to style it. Unlike hair masks, which depending on your needs you an decide to apply once a week or even once a month, you can safely use your leave in conditioner any time you wash your hair, especially if it is an all natural leave in conditioner. This is the best you can choose especially if you keep in mind that the product will be resting on your hair and scalp for a long time, perhaps even days in some case! If you were to use a chemically loaded conditioner other than a 100% natural product, you would put yourself at risk of having potentially dangerous ingredients circulate into your body.

We have selected 3 all natural leave in conditioners that, according to your different priorities and needs will make your hair beautiful while keeping you safe:

1 Beauty Without Cruelty Revitalize Leave-in Conditioner, that not only is animal friendly but according to reviews also does the job amazingly: no more tamed and frizzy hair after just one application.

2 Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. Like most products from this popular brand, this all natural leave in conditioner is ideal for Afro hair but will also suit you if you have extremely dry locks. The detangler is fully natural and absolutely free from parabens.

3 MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream. From the ever increasingly popular Canadian brand comes this new detangler packed with natural ingredients said to revitalize your curls just with a small amount of product. Rub it in, style your hair as usual, and see how argan oil and other ingredients make the difference effortlessly for you.

For even more all natural leave in conditioners click here:


21. Best all natural acne products

Be serious about your acne

For some acne is just a word that will remind them their teenage years but others, despite being adults, still have to fight against unwanted spots. According to latest studies, acne should be properly treated for what it is: a disease. With such a strong affirmation, what researchers want to tell us is that we need support and a proper dermatological consultation if we suffer from acne. This is the case where a DIY approach is most likely to work against you. A good dermatologist will be ale to advise on the best and most efficient therapies that you should undergo, but before the consultation you should prepare yourself and be able to spell out what you want and what instead you do not want. Familiarize yourself with the products that we are recommending here, read a lot (in the link below you will also find some good content about recently published books on the topic) and arrive at your appointment prepared and ready to speak your mind. After all, what you really what is to get rid of acne and continue to be healthy, so if you start reaching out for all natural acne products you might be able to get your results as naturally as you want. Remember the problem with acne is even once it has been cured, it can still leave you a mark: tiny scars that, especially if they are on your face, will haunt you. Your second step, as your research all natural acne products bear in mind to look out for post treatment products too.

There are some new excellent products that can help you fight acne effectively. We have chosen three formats of the best all natural acne products that you’ll find around these days.

1 Soap

First thing, you should choose a natural soap that will safely and thoroughly cleanse your skin. A good soap will be your first step to a better skin on which you can apply treatments.

2 Facial lotion or serum.

While a cream might be too rich for the areas of your skin that are affected by severe acne, if you go for a lotion or a serum they should also help you to maintain your skin balanced.

3 Supplements

They help you fight acne from within. Choose from tablets or powder to mix with water and drink.

A good idea is to discuss with your dermatologist if you should also mix and match these products.

For a wide selection of all natural acne products click here:


22. All natural relaxer

No need to be harsh on your hair: all natural relaxers that make the job

If you heard natural and relaxer in the same sentence a few years ago you’d think you heard wrong, but today all natural relaxers are available and seem to do a great job.

Benefits of an all natural relaxer

With perms, relaxers have been popular for years and especially with African American women and those who have curly hair difficult to manage. However chemical relaxers are very damaging to your hair and to keep healthy locks you should really consider going for an all natural relaxer instead. An all natural relaxer will save you hair one the harshest experiences ever while giving you the results you are after: hair less curly and also a good base to straighten it if you wish to do so.

These are 3 popular all natural relaxers you can easily find and purchase online:

1 ALL WAYS Natural No - Lye Conditioning Crème Relaxer System Super Strength

2 ALL WAYS Natural Castor Oil Conditioning Hair Dress Formula for Maximum Sheen and Body

3 Xenna Curlaway Gradual Curl Relaxer Green Apple Fragrance

Most all natural relaxers also come with a leave in conditioner that features rich ingredients to nourish your hair after the treatment.

Reasons to celebrate

It might be tempting to compromise when it comes to your hairdo – you really want it your own way. But keep reading and you’ll find out why you really shouldn’t.

In fact you should be happy every time you use your all natural relaxer. These are 5 reasons why you really should:

1 chemical relaxers can break your hear

2 they can irritate your scalp

3 if relaxers are too harsh, they can cause hair loss

4 once you apply a chemical relaxer, you become addicted to a particular look and you can easily end up having to repeat the treatment, which with time contribute to damaging to your hair

5 relaxers can cause thinning of the hair because they act on the hair follicle and they have a formula that goes from sensitive to mild, regular and super with the last being extremely harsh on your hair.

Having read all these reasons why chemical relaxers are truly bad for you, now it’s the tie to browse the web looking out for truly all natural relaxers that can give you the look you need without the damage. Set your standards high and don’t stop to the first relaxer you encounter, instead make sure you pick the one that is right for your hair.

For more all natural relaxers click here:


23. All natural gift baskets

Christmas has come and gone yet the occasions for a gift basket are endless, from mother’s day to birthdays. Purchasing an all natural gift baskets is the perfect way to get you dear ones to approach a more natural lifestyle starting with delicious food and, why not, even tasty, organic wine. The choice is unlimited as today all kinds of all natural gift baskets are available, including those that feature beauty products for her and a great variety of options for him too, ranging from gourmet food baskets to its low calories version.

Below you’ll find all natural gift baskets that we believe are truly original and will be absolutely adored:

1 Personal care all natural gift baskets

Aveeno Baby Gift Set, Daily Care Essentials Basket

If you are thinking of a present for a new mom that not only looks good but is terribly useful too, Aveeno has the perfect all natural gift basket for her and her baby. The basket features a few Aveeno Baby essential products to protect and nourish your baby’s delicate skin and even includes an organic blanket.

Organic Store Spa Perfect -Women's Spa Gift Basket

It’s a collection of luxury body care products for her that will help you create your own spa at home experience. The main ingredient here is magnolia, while a variety of essential oils help you relax and energize. The basket features a lotion, a shower gel said to be ideal to exfoliate your skin and prepare it for a nice massage with the body cream, also included.

The Sports Gift Basket Golfing Around Golf Sports Bag is ideal if your man is passionate about golf.

For him and her, the basket is a golf tote cooler packed with cookies, cheese tins and honey sweet peanuts, all in a golf theme and shape. There’s also a golf note pad to write down all your golfing hints and tips.

Food all natural gift baskets

Sunburst All Natural Gluten Free Gift Basket

It comes in a reusable, organic cotton bag that contains AllGood Organic Banana Chips, AllGood Organic Maple Roasted Cashews, Bobo's Oat Bars (cinnamon raisin and chocolate) and Izze beverage (blackberry and clementine).

All Natural Nut Gift Basket (3.5 Pound Basket) by Superior Nut Company by Superior Nut Company A certified kosher product that features apricots, pistachios, almonds, cashews and walnuts.

To view more all natural gift baskets click here:


24. All natural coffee creamer

Pick your favorite all natural coffee creamer

Once you have made the big step of swapping your traditional coffee for an all natural one, don’t just stop there. The next step is to pick your own all natural coffee creamer, which will give you the chance to taste several different flavors in confidence. You can try pumpkin, vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, chocolate and many other flavors with your coffee, so that it will never bore you.

According to an internet survey, the five favorite coffee creamer flavors are as follows:

5 Irish cream, a delicious mix of the classic Irish coffee with added cream for those who don’t mind their coffee to taste of whiskey too, of course;

4 almond flavor, which is loved by millions because it combines perfectly with the taste of coffee and leaves wondering if you just had a bit of chocolate other than coffee;

3 mint chocolate, appreciated by many for its refreshing taste and that has become a hit in the last few years;

2 chocolate flavor, which remains one of the most loved flavors of all times. It is generally called Mocha and sometimes caramel is added for extra taste

1 and the winner is … unsurprisingly, the traditional taste of French vanilla loved for its delicacy and harmonious sweetness.

But if you are in for something different, why not try Farmer Brothers Cinnamon Cream Non-Dairy Coffee Cream, with its healthy, cinnamon cream flavor that contains no preservatives. Add four spoons to your coffee to give it a great, unique taste.

Remember that the difference between an all natural coffee creamer and your powder or liquid commercially prepared creamer is that the last features all sorts of ingredients which in common share the fact that they are not natural. Most importantly, they often feature trans fats, two words that indicate hydrogenated oils which are bad for your health. There are many brands that have recently decided to stop using trans fats and are instead adding to their creamers palm or coconut oils. Still, artificial flavors and preservatives are still featured in your traditional creamer.

A good, all natural coffee creamers will feature organic sugar, non fat milk, cream powder (generally non fat milk powder) and natural flavors as basic ingredients. This will ensure your coffee break is natural, safe and varied other than potentially dangerous to your body.

For a wide choice of all natural coffee creamer click here, where you’ll find all flavors you can think of:


25. All natural mood enhancers

Fight depression naturally

It might be that you are feeling a little low or that you are affected by seasonal changes, perhaps you have just been through a very stressful time because of you have been overwhelmed by work or study, or maybe you are just trying to re-balance your work/family routine. For all these reasons and even when you are afraid you might be a victim of depression, all natural mood enhancers are at least worth a try before seeking psychological support.

Compared to chemical drugs, all natural mood enhancers won’t leave you addicted and will naturally balance your mood helping you to go through a stressful period with no damaging consequences to your body and mind.

There’s an incredibly flourishing literature on how to defeat depression, a disease that affects many in the modern world, naturally. Below is a list of four easy guidelines that you can consider to deal with depression because the most dangerous thing you can do is to undervalue it. Deal with your depression as you would with any other illness.

Easy steps

1 Remember that the wellbeing of your mind is connected with the wellbeing of your body, so start exercising if you don’t do that already, as this will be beneficial to your mental health too. It doesn’t mean you have to become a jogger if you’ve never been one, but just a daily walk will make the difference. Combined to mood enhancing ingredients, you’ll see an improvement pretty soon.

2 A good way to deal with depression is also to break down your symptoms and try to address each individually at different times, for instance insomnia is often a sign that depression is around the corner, and if you feel you are experiencing it you might just decide to treat that first. Chamomile remains one of the most efficient remedies, together with valerian and there are miraculous tablets available today to fight insomnia. You can stick to traditional herbal teas too.

3 Perhaps you are just feeing run down, which is a feeling often experienced when you are going through changes in your life like starting a new job, the end of a relationship or simply seasonal changes. Once again, reach out for herbs and natural remedies that will boost your energize and help you re-establish your wellbeing. Guarana might do the trick for you, otherwise try honey based products.

4 If you feel you just can’t cope, all natural mood enhancers, combining botanical extracts and vitamins, will help defeat stress, anxiety and several depression related deficiencies.

For a wide choice of all natural mood enhancers click here:


Do you feel like you are starting to be a beauty inside out? Remember: beauty is about feeling and looking good inside out!

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